Recently, satellite-borne super-high accuracy visible light and infrared radiation source research and manufacturing of space radiation measurement benchmark source research program has made breakthroughs. Based on Moon benchmark source visible light calibration key technology development, it has provided support for the long-term development of satellite calibration.

Harnessing satellite calibration has one advantage: using a benchmark satellite to calibrate all other satellites can noticeably lower the costs of designing high accuracy calibration systems for each satellite. However, the calibration accuracy of space radiation measurement benchmark satellite is one order of magnitude higher than that of current satellites, breakthroughs shall be made in principle and technology field, thus rendering research and manufacturing much tougher.

After three years, the program team has accomplished core technology R&D, constructed radiation benchmark sources of varied spectrums, and developed the calibration technology based on Moon source visible light.

According to Zhang Peng, Chief Expert of the program and Deputy Director of National Satellite Meteorological Center introduced that myriad technologies of the program have been applied in operation. Infrared absolute radiation temperature benchmark source technology has been applied in FY-3D infrared calibration. Via introducing Moon calibration technology, FY-3 and FY-2 satellites have realized the regular calibration of visible light channels. (Nov.2)

Reporter: Lu Jian

Editor: Liu Shuqiao