at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

33 Rudaki Avenue, 734025 Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan



Goals of the Conference

Goal of the Central Asian DUst Conference is to bring scientists together and to gain more insight into the different aspects of Asian dust: its properties, its sources, its transport mechanisms and processes, its effects on humans and economies, and finally on its sinks.

The second goal of the conference is to bring worldwide to the top the issue of Asian dust in Central Asia. The conference may also describe possible courses of actions in case of dusty conditions. It is aimed that the conference contributes regarding the Asian dust to the cooperation of different countries. Last but not least the conference will support capacity building, especially in contributing to the education of young scientists and administration employees regarding the Asian dust in Central Asia.

The conference will be organized for 60 attendees. No parallel sessions are planned. The conference will take place in Dushanbe/Tajikistan in the conference hall of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. The conference will have 8 invited talks with each 45 min presentation time and about 20 min presentation time for the other talks.

Each participant will be requested for a 4-pages abstract. These abstracts will be peer reviewed and published via so that each contribution gets its own DOI enabling referencing. By this, open access is ensured to the knowledge collected during the conference. To guarantee the quality of scientific contributions, a scientific committee will supervise the process of abstracts acceptance, reviewing, improvement and final publication.

Another goal of the proposed conference is to compile a survey about the opinions of the contributing scientists about joint activities. Such activities could be a joint proposal for an international campaign in Central Asia for the investigation of Asian dust and its impacts on climate.

Topics of the Conference

The Conference will be organized in four aspects:

1. Investigations of atmospheric dust at source regions

2. Dust transport, its mechanisms and processes

3. Investigations to atmospheric dust at its sink regions

4. Impacts of atmospheric dust

Scientific Committee of the Conference

Sabur F. Abdullaev (Tajikistan)

Dietrich Althausen (Germany)

Sara Basart (Spain)

Boris Belan (Russia)

Boris B. Chen (Kyrgyzstan)

Manfred Frühauf (Germany)

Dulam Jugder (Mongolia)

Kenji Kai (Japan)

Hamid Reza M Khalesifard (Iran)

N.Kh. Minikulov (Tajikistan)

Ali H. Omar (USA)

Kerstin Schepanski (Germany)

Julia Schmale (Switzerland)

Maria Shagedanova (United Kingdom)

Irina Sokolik (USA)

Nobuo Sugimoto (Japan)

Ina Tegen (Germany)

Songhua Wu (China)

Jinyuan Xin (China)